Harvesting guidelines

What follows is a brief outline of some important guidelines for harvesting in a relatively sustainable way. For more details on this, the booklet: “Forestry and Environmental Authorisation Process for Bush Harvesting Projects”, is again
very useful. 

  • All bush thinning activities should leave trees and shrubs of all sizes and all species (including some of the encroaching
  • Leave some dead trees.
  • Leave some patches of thickets (patch mosaic approach).
  • Leave some of the wood (fines and larger branches) and, if possible, lay out as bush filters.
  • Try to harvest along contours (see CONTOUR HARVESTING on the next page).
  • Do not harvest within 100m of a river course.
  • Avoid harvesting of protected species.
  • Do not chop or remove any individual with a stem diameter of >18 cm.
  • Minimise soil disturbance as much as possible.
  • In the case of charcoal production, follow the guidelines for reducing the risk of unwanted uncontrolled fires. (See
    Fire Prevention for charcoal burners report, downloadable from NAU website: http://www.agrinamibia.com.na).