The following Stakeholders provided valuable information and advice: N-BiG, DAPEES, NAU, NCA, Agri Advisory Service. The booklet was funded by the MAWF/GIZ Support to De-bushing Project. We thank the Polytechnic of Namibia (now NUST) and BIOTA for providing funds for workshops and the development of the earlier version of the EXPERT SYSTEM, including the printing of the earlier version of this booklet. We also thank hosts of the workshops, such as the Cheetah Conservation Foundation, Argo Rust of Farm Sonnleiten, Richard Kamukuejandje and the farmers at the Hessen Workshop, Mr. Schoenecke and farmers of Kalkfeld, and the Frenzels of Farm Esere, as well as the participants. In addition, a very valuable workshop was held with Extension officers in the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry. Johan van Eck and Dawid Botha provided valuable information on the application of arboricides. Knowledge based on the research of others, including Bessie Bester and Professor Holz on fungal dieback, was also incorporated. We also thank Luke Claassen for doing more than his share of work to get this booklet ready. Dr. Axel Rothauge provided valuable information from his manual for which we are grateful. I am sure we have left out advising farmers and those in the industry, for which we apologise. We thank you all.