Important Contacts

Contact Value/Function
De-bushing Advisory Service Namibia
061 242 022 
A national information sharing and capacity building platform for providing advice to farmers on sustainable bush control and value addition opportunities. The website has a number of downloadable documents, videos, and other information, relevant to decision making regarding bush encroachment. 
Namibia Biomass Industry Group (N-BiG) 061 242 949 
A non-profit organisation, representing all businesses that harvest and process bush biomass in the country. Support members to access markets and conduct training on how to utilise harvesting machines among others. 
Namibia Charcoal Association (NCA)
067 304 220 
A non-profit voluntary membership Association created to serve the charcoal industry in Namibia from producers and processors to suppliers and all other stakeholders. Provide professional support to charcoal stakeholders with respect to the implementation of environmental and social standards, quality assurance, market identification, modernisation of production, advocacy and public communication. Aims to strengthen the charcoal industry in a sustainable manner. 
Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry: Directorate of Forestry (DoF)
Head office: 061 208 7111 
Responsible for issuing of permits for harvesting, transporting, exporting and marketing of forest resources, including from bush encroaching species. The website includes downloads for applicants, explanation of requirements outlined in the Forest Act (2001). Various reports and articles of relevance to bush harvesting. 
Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry: Directorate of Agricultural Research and Development ( DAPEES) Head office: 061 208 7111  ”Promote the adoption of improved agricultural technologies and practices in order to increase agricultural production…” including advisory and training services to farmers. 
Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET): Directorate of Environmental Affairs Head office: 061 284 2111  Responsible for issuance of Environmental Clearance Certificates for bush harvesting projects. 
Agri Advisory Services 061 207 4265  Previous known as Farmers Support Project, this advisory service of Agribank provide mentorship and training on rangeland management, livestock, crop and horticulture production to Agribank clients in all 14 regions. 
Namibia Agricultural Union (NAU)
061 237 838 
Umbrella organisation of Namibian farming communities to promote a conducive environment for sustainable agriculture. 
Namibia National Farmers Union (NNFU) 061 271 117  A mouthpiece for Namibian communal and emerging (NECFU) farmers. Aims to improve food production in these systems.