The pros and cons of using arboricides vs manual labour (e.g. chopping)

Price per Ha Effects on production Regrowth Effects on Production
Arboricides N$500 – 4000 Large areas can be treated quickly. Trees take about a year to die, but once dead increase in production is rapid. Not if the correct
dose is applied.
Unknown effects on microorganisms, but wood decomposition rates have been observed to be
much slower after arboricides application. Arboricides all have LD 50 values for insects (bees) and rabbits (similar to hares), and thus are toxic. Even if not lethally applied, accumulations of the arboricides, especially when granules are applied may cause unwanted ecosystem impacts. Wood should not be used for value addition.
Chopping N$ 1000- 3000 Thinning is slower, but
the response is faster. In the long run, production increases is less. Wood can be used for value addition.
Usually occurs
but can be
lessened if cut
below ground
level (axe/pick).
No unknown side effects. Regrowth is generally undesirable and is often multi-stemmed, which can exacerbate future problems.